Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A little site in Steam Mill SF

This is a little site I found just off the trail in Steam Mill State Forest. I'm unsure about the origin, whether these may be Native American, colonial, or a little of both, but I thought they were worth posting.

This particular section of trail, from the start, has several colonial foundations along the way. After ascending a short distance, it seemed as though I was away from the "homestead". I found this right along the trail:

I headed uphill (in the general direction of west), off the trail, and a short distance away was this pile:

Then this pile (a little blurry):

Somewhat perpendicular, but not an "L" shape, really making more like a "T", a line of piles heading, generally, south:

So, now following this line of piles, there was this pile, with the wood in it, making it look like this line is a colonial fence row (consistent with all of the foundations nearby):

Another pile in the row of piles:

But, then there was this, a small pile in the foreground, that was not in a row with anything...

...and these, rocks on a boulder, that were "in line with the north-south row":

Here is a video about 2 minutes long, starting at the boulder with rocks on it, then heading north, to show the row and the one pile that is not in any row.

Once I continued up the trail, I was a bit disappointed to find one more foundation, just past this small site:

So, I'm a little rusty from not being out in the woods much this summer, but I'm still suspicious that there is something more to this little spot than just a colonial farmer building a fence.