Monday, April 16, 2012

Maggie Hoag Rd.

This is a new DEP area open for hiking. I stumbled on it when riding around the back roads of Delhi (the same Delhi, NY which is the setting in "My Side of the Mountain"). Because I only had a few minutes to explore, I can only say that this is a south-southwest facing mountain, and the site is between an outcrop and a swamp, at a decent elevation (about 2200 feet). Not surprising, the rock piles I found were all pretty small (I say this because my experience is that east facing rock piles I've found are generally larger). Here are some pictures:

This one is closer to the outcrop than the others:This is a very large boulder at the site, with only a few rocks on top:I should mention, too, that it is very, very dry in the woods right now.
The funny part is, I found a couple of mylar balloons at the site, which is also common. I think it has something to do with the elevation. At any rate, I picked them up and put them in my back pocket, along with the white ribbon. After my hike, I headed over to the local grocery store to buy a sandwich and, after checking out, found that I was walking around with this very long ribbon trailing out of the back of my pants!

Bear paw print (not rock pile related)

Also, a male Ruffed Grouse trying to attract a mate. I drove by him, backed up, then started taking pictures and he still didn't fly away. He was shaking his head so much, I couldn't get a good picture of those neck feathers without the blur.