Saturday, March 27, 2010

Overlooking the West Branch Delaware River

These little piles are just off a trail, on the south side of a mountain peak that overlooks the West Branch of the Delaware River. I didn't have time for exploring, but thought these rock piles might be worth blogging about. I saw about 7 to 10 of these in this area. Some were more obvious than others.

At the base of the mountain, near the river, there are some old stone walls, presumably from a farm.
Here is a direct shot of the wall above. I see a turtle, do you? He's a bit similar to this guy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Stone U

I went up to the stone U by the creek last night. It's a few days before the spring equinox, but I may try to get out someplace different to hike this weekend, so a quick visit while I had the time seemed in order. Plus, there's no guarantee that the sun will be shining Sunday night.

Just a couple of pictures of the sunset. First, taken right near the ground at the back of the U. It looks like the U is facing the sunset...

...but it's offset a little, as this next picture shows.

So, I've added some lines to enhance the stone structures. There is a stone wall or row in front of the U. For a video of part of that row, click here.

The wall is outlined in red and the U is outlined in blue. The sunset is offset from the U but looks like it comes through the break in the wall if you're sitting at the U. I wonder if that's intentional or a coincidence?