Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stone walls - some with end stones

There's been some discussion about stone walls lately at the Rock Piles blog, so I thought I'd post a few of the ones I've found, in one post. All of these pictures, with the exception of the last photo and video, have been posted here before.

First, this one with the strange ending and "hole" near the bottom:

After looking at the photo above, it reminded me of this wall, which I looked at recently. This wall is purportedly near a burial ground:

Then this wall bulge is my favorite. It has been pointed out to me that the wall leading up to the bulge (that could make up a snake's body) is constructed differently than the wall leading away from the head (on the right hand side in this photo):

This is a straight-on view of the "head" at a different time of the year. The boulder at the base is easier to see here:

Then this one, which is at the border of State Land (the yellow paint on the trees). But which came first, the wall or the border? And what about those other stone walls that connect (perpendicular) to this one? If we can establish, with the wall bulge, that part of the wall was added onto at a later time, can we do that for other walls, as well?

That stone wall (above) is not far from the site with the rectangular rock piles:

This next stone wall runs east-west up a hill. It has no end stone, but starts at the edge of where a swamp runs out (downstream) and ends near the base of a steep incline up a small mountain.

Here is what it looks like on maps at

And here is a picture of the end by the swamp:

At the top of that mountain are different things, that I've posted before, but here is one of them:

This last "stone row that ends with a boulder" I haven't posted before. In the place where it is located there is an old farm foundation on the opposite side of the seasonal dirt road near this structure (and some farm equipment - abandoned - is even further down the hill). Also, quite a bit farther up the hill from this I found an old, abandoned, completely *invisible* cemetery (which really should be the subject of another post).

Here is the video of that structure, where you might be able to see the seasonal road in the background, at the end of the video:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Light up the Delaware River Party

This Labor Day weekend, on September 6, 2009, is the Light up the Delaware River Party. Click on the post heading above for a link to the party website. Although this is not directly rock pile related, there will be loss of sites that have yet to be discovered with the development of Marcellus shale gas drilling in the area.

If you live anywhere along the Delaware River, please take a moment on Sunday, September 6th to join the party.

On a side note, this post: Blogger gagged, at the Breathing is Political blog (related to the Light up the Delaware River Party) highlights the extent the energy companies will go to get their way.