Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stone U

The Stone U is down the hill, where the terrain slopes gradually compared to the other spots I've posted about near Snell. Here is the U:This is the view while sitting in the U:Here is the view looking off to the right from the opening. There is, what appears to be, a standing stone in the near distance. I'll post a better shot of that little rock in the foreground later. Sorry for the blurry photo:Here is a close up of that apparent standing stone:Then, this shot is the complete scene...standing stone, large rock next to that, and Stone U in the background, inside the red box I added for highlight:Going back to the Stone U, the small rock to the right of the half meter stick caught my eye. I'm not saying that this was placed intentionally, but it raised my suspicion enough to take this picture. This shot is looking across the opening of the U:Finally, this is just for viewing pleasure. It is the start of the first stone wall I found on this hike. I thought this cropped image looked good with the pines framing the wall:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stone piles at Snell

Leaving the high stone wall and walking further uphill, I encountered one more low stone wall before reaching the summit. This one starts (or maybe this is the end) on top of an outcrop. You might have to click on the image to see the start of the row between the two large ash trees, center and left:Here is what it looks like from the top, overlooking the boulder/outcrop. This is a two shot panorama. The horizon has a dip in it, similar to the standing stone in the last post:Just to clarify, I am very familiar with this area and where this dip in the horizon is located. So, although the photos may not show it well, I have personal knowledge of the location and appearance.

After that low stone row, I went up to the summit. I was surprised to find a smeared out rock pile right at the summit.Then, descending further to the north, but going back down the western side of the mountain, there is this rock pile just a bit below the summit (summit is visible in the background). Half meter stick is near the pile for scale:Further down, below another ridge of outcrop, was this pile with a "hollow":
So that is all I have for this post. There is one more structure in this area and I'll post about it another time. It's a stone U that is further down the mountain, closer to some agrarian looking stone walls that end mysteriously and don't enclose anything. But, for now, I'll leave you with a nice shot overlooking one of the stone rows that follows the outcrop ridge, looking down to the next level:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The big wall at Snell

In the same area, there is a large stone wall near the summit. This picture is taken looking over one of the turns (stones in the foreground) in the zig-zag wall. I was playing with the aperture setting on the camera to try and get depth of field, but it turns out the picture is a little blurry with the aperture (F-Stop) set at 8.0:This is a close up of what I was trying to capture in the background of the prior picture. Still a little blurry due to the poor aperture setting:Then looking down, over the zig-zag row, to the view in the distance. The F-Stop is at 3.4 in this picture, so it looks much better:This is looking in the opposite direction from the picture above. The stone wall ends where the outcrop begins:Here is a two shot panorama of where the wall meets the outcrop:Going back along the wall, this standing stone gets honorable mention, due to the combination of shapes:The opposite side of that stone, I will stick my neck out a little bit and say that this stone mimics the horizon (I have a better horizon shot in this direction coming up in another post). I am not implying that this is deliberate. I just find it curious.Looking from the side, with the wall close by in the background:One final shot along this same row, which started up again a bit further to the north. This is the same outcrop (same altitude), but now the wall goes over the outcrop instead of joining to it:Instead of following this wall, I proceeded further uphill, to another stone row along an outcrop, before the final summit. That will be the next post.

Monday, January 2, 2012

More from Snell

Here is another structure near the short stone row from the last post. Both this structure and the one in the prior post are close together (although not attached) and visible, one from the other:This is a very low-to-the-ground, zig-zag stone row. This type of structure is very rare around here. To add to the mystery, the row starts and stops without really enclosing anything. Here is the same picture with a red line painted to outline the size of the zig-zag row:Here is a shot at a different angle, looking over the row to the view. This is located very high up near the summit. To get to it, you must ascend past a rocky outcrop from both the east and west sides. The view is stunning.There are more stone walls, which I will post about later. I found only a couple of stone piles, but one appeared to have a hollow. I will post about those later, too.