Monday, February 8, 2010

Melondy Hill SF

I did not find much this weekend, even though I took a couple of long walks. The first was downhill. I was going to cut in to the east, back to the main road where I saw a rock pile near a foundation, but I ended up wandering around near a creek bed. It was pretty, but not a lot of rock piles between the plantation pines and the creek. Here is one of the few rock piles I found. I am not convinced that the most prominent pile in the background is not a recent construction.Then, this one, near the road. There is a small concrete cistern nearby, so I don't know what to make of this. It's nice looking, but I doubt it's ancient.So, I went to another spot along the road, to hike uphill (where I generally have better luck). I followed a nice stone wall along the border of state land to the summit.Again, there were plantation pines at the summit. I found a descending stone wall further south and found this as I headed back to the car.A hunter's seat unwittingly disguised as a niche.

Riding home, craning my neck like an owl, I spotted this just off the road, above a pond. It's about 5 feet tall.
A picture with a backpack for scale, this is taken opposite from the photo above.Then, this photo is taken looking toward the pond. On the right side of the photo, the profile looks somewhat vertical faced, but it's hard to say for sure with all the snow on it.Just below the large rock pile, I walked to a stone wall that runs roughly north/south, seemingly into the pond, but instead it ends at the pond. Here is a view with the in-flow to the pond in the background. Notice anything in the end of that stone wall?Look closer:
There it is!Thanks to Tim, from Waking Up on Turtle Island, I am now seeing turtles in walls, too. Maybe it's a coincidence, but isn't it strange that when you look for them, they appear!