Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arctic China hilltop

I posted about this site at the Rock Piles blog. Here are some additional details.

First, a close up of the wedge or middle rock inside of that nice rock pile that is just a short distance away from the clear cut.

I really like this rock pile. It has a red wedge which I've seen a lot of, as well as something like a niche closer to the ground. I've seen that type of construction in a few places, both within rock piles and also (in at least one case) at the end of a stone wall.

There is also what appears to be a standing stone on this same hilltop. This view is looking toward where the boulders are located (you can just make out the clear cut in the background). If this standing stone is intentional, there is a combination of shapes here that can't be ignored with the smaller rock in front.

Looking at the standing stone from the opposite direction, there is also a rock pile nearby, but I could not make out good construction of that rock pile, so I can't say whether that's a man-made rock pile or something else.

Then, here is a panorama of the last structure I found up there. At first, I thought it was a foundation. However, the square part of this structure (to the far right in the photo) only has 3 sides.

Here is a video of that structure. The white paint on the trees about halfway through the video is the trail marker. The Finger Lakes Trail goes right through the middle of this structure.