Friday, October 24, 2008

A "Before and After" video

If anyone is wondering whether or not the issue of drilling for natural gas will affect any sacred sites in the Upper Delaware River area, this short video should answer that question.

Current legislation allows this well spacing. This is coming to Northeastern PA, the Southern Tier of NY, and into the Catskills, including the NY City watershed. The only area that I know of, right now, that will not be drilled is State PARK land, which includes state owned land in the Catskill Park. All other State land has the potential to be offered for lease once this process is complete.

From the DEC website (link here):

"The Department evaluated its oil and gas regulatory program through development of a Generic Environmental Impact Statement ("GEIS") which was finalized in 1992 and which sets parameters that are applicable statewide for SEQRA review of gas well permitting. This draft scope describes the topics related to well permit issuance for high-volume hydraulic fracturing that the Department has identified for review in a draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement ("dSGEIS"). Written and verbal comments from all interested parties will be considered in the preparation of a Final Scope, and then the dSGEIS will be released for additional public review and comment. The final SGEIS, to be prepared after consideration of comments received on the draft, will set additional parameters for SEQRA review. The Department will then issue well permits for gas well development using high-volume hydraulic fracturing in accordance with both the GEIS and the SGEIS."

If you are interested in reviewing the Draft Scope presented by the DEC, please visit the DEC website here and click on "Draft Scope". If you have any comments, please submit them by December 15, 2008 to:

Attn: Scope Comments, Bureau of Oil & Gas Regulation, NYSDEC Division of Mineral Resources, 625 Broadway - Third Floor, Albany, NY 12233-6500

or email to: with "Scope Comments" as the Subject

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Found in Orange County, NY

I found this in a farmer's field near the black dirt region in Orange County, NY