Friday, June 22, 2012

More rock piles near the hayfield

At the beginning of this month, I took a hike along the Finger Lakes Trail and found 14 more rock piles in an area I've posted about before, here: Rock Piles: Row piles and a small site - NY and here: More from Google Earth I was trying to keep a tally of the number of rock piles in this area, but it seems I've lost my tally sheet. I want to say that there are over 30 at this site now. Some others I've found, further to the west and in the woods, I have yet to post about. Here are the ones along the trail.
Note the "many fingered tree" (MFT) next to the rock pile.
A second rock pile, with the MFT in the background. This is looking due west.
Now looking east, again the MFT is in the background.  This is the turtle rock pile.
A slightly different angle, to show the turtle head.
Close up of the turtle head.

Red eft newt.
This one appears to have a hollow.  Using Peter's method to keep track, this one was number 11.
This one, too, may have a hollow.

One of the more well formed piles.

I don't like this new style of Blogger, in either "Compose" or "HTML" view. It seems impossible to move photos around.


pwax said...

This site is a lot like my "Wachusett Tradition" one. I think I see both larger mounds with hollows as well as smaller satellite piles.

I am not sure what you mean by "Peter's method". I usually use fingers in front of the camera to remind myself of where I was in the walk.

theseventhgeneration said...

Lol! I thought you used the fingers in the photo to keep track of the number of rock piles you've found for the day!

Yes, there are smaller satellite piles, especially trailing off to the north and east of the site. There are also a few large, round, ground level rock piles which I'm not sure if they are smeared out or were built that way.

pwax said...

Typically I use it as a count of the number of sites found during a walk.

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