Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Johnny Brook revisited

Back to Johnny Brook (click the link and scroll up to see the prior post). The DEP opened up more hiking land in this area. There is a lot of land to explore here. Three thousand seven hundred ninety one acres, to be exact...give or take because some of it is posted off limits, but the map doesn't show that part.

I visited two sites on this hike. One is to the north and the other is to the south. Both are small sites. This post is on the site to the north, with an honorable mention to a rock pile in between both sites.

The site to the north is in the Johnny Brook hiking area, but, to be accurate, it overlooks Barbour Brook not far from where Barbour Brook meets Dry Brook.

This is one of the first rock piles we walked up to approaching the site.
The base looked bird-like to me, from this angle:
Another angle of the same rock pile, this time looking slightly testudinate:A small rock pile in between some larger ones:One of the larger ones, from an angle where 4 upright stones are in front of the boulder:This one, no doubt, is a turtle:
This is the honorable mention rock pile. It is near the trail, at the base of an overgrown field. The shape and fact that it's constructed between two large boulders is intriguing. If its purpose was for clearing a field, there appears to be a hollow, or caved in section (seen better in the first photo below), which would have made a good place to pack clearing stones instead of constructing loosely:

I'll post about the site to the south later.


Tim MacSweeney said...

You said: "testudinate!"

theseventhgeneration said...

I got that word from you! :-)